Wilfre's story The Mayor mentioned wasn't the full story. But however, the Mayor was hiding a dark secret.

Chapter 1: Birth to DestructionEdit

It was a normal day in the Raposa Village. Wilfre was praised for his good deeds and help around the village. Statues and parades were made in his honor. Wilfre asked if he could draw in the Book of Life days after the final parade. The Mayor had to refuse, since nobody except the Creator can draw in it.

Wilfre's motives soon turned into pure fury as he went to the Creation Hall at night and drew in the Book of Life. Shadow monsters came out of nowhere. He was consumed in shadow before he could finish his drawing.

The drawing you ask? Was a note.

"Dear villagers:

Your motives and actions of hurt and comfort have both injured and hugged me at the same time. But now you made a wrong, wrong choice. And now you've driven me to insanity... And now, a truth shall be told as my handwriting gets weaker and weaker as the shadow monsters draw nearer... You made a wrong choice. The worst choice. The choice that you will regret soon enoug-"


That was all. The writing on the note became shadow as the shadow took over Wilfre's body.

Wilfre, consumed in shadow, came out of the hall and crumbled up the note. He took the Book of Life and ran. The villagers ran after Wilfre before he could do any more damage. Wilfre, as a last resort, ripped the Book of Life to shreds and threw the pages to the wind.