The Runners is an iPad app.


In the game, you pay as a stickman and run to defeat three other players to the finish line.


  • Buzzsaw: Cuts anybody who touches it in half for a second.
  • Bear Trap: Traps anybody's leg in the trap for two seconds.
  • Banana Peel: Makes anybody who touches it slip for three seconds.
  • Backwards Orb: Makes anybody who touches it run backwards for ten seconds.
  • Disconnection: Not really a powerup, but happens when the Internet connection goes offline.
  • Feather: Tickles anybody who comes in contact with it for two seconds.
  • Geo Bomb: A grenade which explodes ten seconds after placement.
  • Icebox: A large icebox is thrown at anybody behind the user.
  • Lemon: A lemon is thrown at a random person.
  • Mousetrap: A mousetrap.
  • Nostalgia: Old video games show up, and anybody who comes in contact with it plays an 8-bit version of The Runners.
  • Wolf: A wolf chases the person you tap on.