Dzarklore (DUH-ZARCK-LURE), otherwise known as Darklore, is the true main antagonist of Toy Tale. He was manipulating The Scorpion to hide himself from being revealed. He was the stinger of The Scorpion, disguised as the trident.


He has the power to unattach his own head to use as a trident.


He appears as a robot-like creature. He has a black face with glowing red eyes similar to Majora's Mask. He has fox-like ears that are also black. He has a button-like grey lever that can pull itself to transform into the trident form. He has no legs, just a little point he uses to fly. His neck is attached to a black rope, and is unable to escape being attached to The Scorpion. His chest is grey. He has a diamond-like screw in the middle of his chest. He has a grey crown being held up with a grey line. He has another diamond-like screw on his crown. He has complete control over The Scorpion.