10. Smash Dude: Awesome weapons, brutal torture for a ragdoll. And the weapons factory? Score 1 for this game.

9. Minecraft PE: Hooray for this.

8. Fruit Ninja: Slicing fruit and avoiding bombs can be very enjoyable, despite how crazy it sounds.

7. Angry Birds: Flinging birds away on a slingshot to destroy green evil thief pigs is the best thing to ever exist. Well, not really.

6. Scribblenauts Remix: Enjoyable, but the Wii U version is better.

5. Notes: Even though how boring the Notes app sounds for others, people write stories on it, like me.

4. iMovie: You can create movies. Downloaded this sometime in 2013, February or March.

3. Picturebook: Ah, this brings back memories. I used to create ROBLOX stories, fairytales, and a story of people riding on a bear. It was like Wikia.

2. Jetpack Joyride: Great timewaster. Bursting through a wall and stealing a jetpack is really fun.

1. Safari: Well, of course...