100. Billy Free: Although a good time waster for about two minutes, you then figure out it's a rip-off of Smash Dude.

99. Red Block Remover: Ugh. Simple gameplay. Very simple. You could complete the game in a nanosecond.

98. CreatureMe: A disgusting app that only toddlers would enjoy.

97. Magnetic Joe: A boring app. Enough said.

96. Spongebob Tickler: I used to enjoy this, then it got really boring.

95. RoboSockets: What the heck is this.

94. Angry Birds Crystal: Oh no... Not this! Make the bad app go away, mommy.

93. Billy: Worse then the free version. It has more stuff, yet more boring.

92. ICEE Maker: This app is giving me a brain freeze.

91. iRollerCoaster: This rollercoaster broke down.

90. Glow Draw: Limited range of colors, the glow doesn't even show.

89. Wormholez: Rip-off of Portal. I completed it, but I didn't really like it. Gaben couldn't count to three or more stars for this, so he had to do one star.

88. Angry Birds Free: The real version is better. The Mighty Eagle should destroy this.