Chrome City is a futuristic city game made by Chromebolt.


Earth was now 100% polluted by trash. Everybody has abandoned Earth and constructed several planets. Planets were no good since people couldn't find the right materials, until one day a man named Rogers Beacon dug for materials on Neptune, which contained buried materials from Earth, and a cloning device. Planets were eventually changed into floating cities. And then came you. Your job was to create the biggest city in the universe!


  • GARAGE SALES: People can host garage sales for easy money. They sell any item they have.
  • INTERACTIVE MODE: Interactive mode is where you can become a 3D avatar and change your city into a 3D world instead of a pixeled nightmare.
  • STORES: People can make stores where you can buy stuff.
  • LIFE MODE: This is the same as Interactive Mode, except you can enter houses and drive cars.